• SM Decore

    A Sofa Refurnishing Unit

    All Old thing are not Scrap- It can redone and used for the next generation as they want it.

    +91 9562755300
  • SM Decore

    A Sofa Refurnishing Unit

    We reuse the old items by converting it to modern looks in a cost effective way

    +91 9562755300

About Us

Our Motto is to reuse the old items by converting it to modern looks in a cost effective & Space saving Type.

We believe, “Time is Money “ & “ Quality is a standard not a condition

We are professional upholstery team and we are able to redo any sort of upholstery work. we had expertize team who are working on this for the past 10 years , we have supply channel for all spare items required to rectify ,if not we will modify and make it ourself. We use quality materials for our work so it enable us to give you superior finish and our skilled work team always reaches the peak of excellent work man ship ,but this without letting you spend too much money & Time .

Now a days all peoples used to scrap old sofa and buy new one, Yes its NEW but they are really unaware what’s inside it, how its frame is made, what sort of fabric is used, what sort of foam is used, is it eco- friendly etc , most of them cares about what offer is available ! Read More...

Our Services

Why You want US ?

For a new sofa set now the cost around 20,000 /- for entry level and above 45,000 /- for top class models , when you brought new sofa the old is gone on scrap value which is not worth for you. In that case, what we do is we remake it to new model or reset it to new by changing the damaged and using the usable parts in your old sofa, mostly it cost only half of what you pay for new and we can keep our environment clean to by avoiding old sofa to scrap- we mean go green and we save our money without compromising our need for NEW !...

How We work for you?

  • Call us or send the photo of the repairing item to 9562755300 or email to smdecoretvm@gmail.com.
  • Our work team will visit your site and will explain the required type of Rework , They will provide you the details of the materials being used with samples.
  • You will receive quote , On work conformation our team will pick the item from site and Return it after refurbishing.
  • You will receive the the updates of work via sms /Call/Photos send to mobile.
  • After delivery please review about us on our Facebook page and Google .

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Address: TC- 11/2594, anandeswaram junction, edathara temple road, Uliyazhathura, Kerala 695587
Phone: 9562755300
Email: smdecoretvm@gmail.com
Business Hours: 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM
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