About Us

We believe, “Time is Money “ & “ Quality is a standard not a condition

Our Motto is to reuse the old items by converting it to modern looks in a cost effective & Space saving Type.

We are professional upholstery team and we are able to redo any sort of upholstery work. we had expertize team who are working on this for the past 10 years , we have supply channel for all spare items required to rectify ,if not we will modify and make it ourself. We use quality materials for our work so it enable us to give you superior finish and our skilled work team always reaches the peak of excellent work man ship ,but this without letting you spend too much money & Time .

Now a days all peoples used to scrap old sofa and buy new one, Yes its NEW but they are really unaware what’s inside it, how its frame is made, what sort of fabric is used, what sort of foam is used, is it eco- friendly etc , most of them cares about what offer is available !

But for we the new Generation ,Its now time to think, is it safe for our kids, our old parents ? do they breath good air while they rest on sofa ? do it provide proper body support? Are we living or dying it ?

Here, we the SM Decore have the answer, to know more , TRY US NOW –we will Let you experience the real style and Comfort on your old sofa !